The aims and objectives of the National Democratic Congress Party are to:
(a) Promote participatory democracy and responsible government in Ghana.
(b) Attain political power through democratic and Constitutional means to create conditions
conducive to ensure national development.
(c) Ensure the attainment of equality and fraternity of each man and woman under the law without
regard to ethnicity, race, religious belief, ideology, culture, social or economic status.
(d) Secure the right of each member of society to participate in decision-making in an open and
democratic manner but defer to the majority interest without the sacrifice of minority rights.
(e) Ensure the establishment of the rule of law and the right of each citizen or law- abiding person in
Ghana to pursue their affairs without unlawful interference and the right of each person to easy
access and equal recourse to the court.
(f) Seek provision of free and compulsory basic education and within the means available,
progressively provide appropriate higher education for every citizen of Ghana.
(g) Ensure the provision within the shortest possible time, to every community in Ghana, basic
human needs; adequate food, affordable housing, clothing, water, health care, schools, accessible
roads, electricity and telecommunication facilities.
(h) Establish friendly relations with all countries.
(i) Strengthen economic, political and cultural co-operation with African countries especially those in
the ECOWAS sub-region
(j) Establish ties with parties and organizations, particularly those with identical political beliefs and
commitment throughout the world.
The aims and objectives of the Party shall conform to the Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms
and the Directive Principles of State Policy as enshrined in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of the Fourth
Republican Constitution and accordingly, the Party shall pursue the political, economic, social,
educational and other objectives stated in Chapter 6 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.